About Us

SM+Co is a technical advisory firm that gives an expert helping hand to our clients in interpreting, implementing, and operationalizing technical requirements from various regulatory bodies, including:

  • Financial Accounting Standards Board
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Department of Treasury
  • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • Federal Reserve
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Our philosophy is simple: We engage with our clients in a one-to-one setting with partner-level resources with first-hand experience from both the Big 4 and Global 7 accounting firms and from public companies. We leverage our seasoned team members for your success—people who know your business, know the rules and, most importantly, provide immediate solutions. Given our individualized service model, we consider ourselves a boutique firm and do not apply a “one size fits all” approach to our clients. We curate the number of clients we take on at any one time in order to maintain the quality and immediacy of service that you deserve.

It’s becoming more common for advisory firms to nationalize their practices, which means that when companies need a consultant, they rarely get a local resource, but rather a resource from far and away.

At SM+Co, we believe in personal, local relationships, allowing us to do business in your time zone and be at your offices in a moment’s notice. Localized and regionalized business environments have long since been abandoned, but SM+Co has revived the idea by living, socializing, and working in the same communities as you. Our children go to the same schools as yours. We shop at the same stores as you. We gather in the same great places in our towns and cities. This means we’re very different from our competitors—when we serve you, we are not only committed to you, but also to our local business environment. We begin and remain as part of your community and as your business partner.